• The only book of its kind.

    Dream It & Do It presents kids with 100 modern day role models.

    Each focused on a different career choice.

    Why you will LOVE it.

    1. Kids learn about careers through role modes and play - this has both


    2. Kids should explore lots of options early - this is an easy "sampling platter"


    3. You would have to buy 100 different career books to match this one - this is $0.30 p/story investment!


    4. Critics Love it - Winner of 3 prestigious kids book awards


    5. Most importantly - kids love reading it!


    Bonus reasons if you need more

    - It is an incredibly diverse book, every kid should see themselves in these pages.


    -Business, Product Development and STEM careers covered that no other children's books cover. (In fact Amazon Top 100 career books only cover 20 different careers!)


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  • What's inside

    100 Stories - Each with their own illustration

    Stories Explore 5 different types of career paths.


    Learn about 29 different artistic careers.

    Learn about 27 different helper careers.

    Learn about 15 different business careers.

    Learn about 14 different product developers.

    Learn about 11 different discoverers.


    Each Story Includes

    -How the person discovered their passion

    - What makes them special

    - Life lessons they have to share

    - Actives kids can go do to learn more

    - Career personality profiles- which careers would best fit your child's career personality? 

  • What others are saying

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    Top Pick

    Midwest Book Review


    The difference between this book and some others isn't just the admonition to dream big, but to follow in the footsteps of others who made seemingly-impossible dreams a reality.


    Read full review here: https://www.midwestbookreview.com/mbw/jan_21.htm#dianedonovan

    Mom's Choice - Gold Winner


    Readers Choice - 5 out of 5 Stars


    Royal Dragonfly - First Place for Collection of Short Stories


    Story Monsters - First Place for Collection of Short Stories


    “Dream It & Do It by Holly Sharp is a perfect book for young kids who want to find their place in this world and what they would like to be when they are older”

    - Readers Favorite 5 Star Review

    Reading that inspires play.


    Perfect for starting to talk about careers, role models, & life dreams! We found the landscaping story and my son got out the play dough and decided to make his own Christmas inspired landscape design.

    Kids see themselves in the stories


    One of the awesome things about this book is the diversity! There are stories of men and women of all ages and races throughout the book so every child can be inspired by someone who looks like them! I really enjoy this book and even read a bunch of it while Paige was napping, so it is a great book for all ages!

    Easy Read for Bedtime

    @pencilsinprek (Instagram)

    My daughter and I have been reading through Dream It and Do It and it’s a great stocking stuffer for your readers. 100 short stories about people who had a dream and made it come true.

    Well this one is simply amazing!! The author Holly Sharp is a new mom who realized that career-focused books were lacking for young kids. So she wrote “Dream It & Do It” —a beautiful collection of 100 short stories, 100 career possibilities highlighting creators, scientists, lawyers and everything in between.

    @abramacademics (Instagram)

    This amazing, inspiring book will be sure to inspire kids in their career dreams. This book will show them that no dream is too big or too small to achieve. If they want to do it, they can.

    @allbookedupnow (Instagram)

    I really liked the diversity in this book, both from a cultural and background perspective, as well as from a career choice! I think it provides a wide range of ideas for children to be inspired by.

    @shejustlovesbooks (Instagram)

    Holly A. Sharp has created the coolest compilation, for kids and adults. Any current, inspirational person you can imagine is in this book. The fun information is endless! Teachers could use the stories in the classroom, for journal prompts!!


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