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    The Top 100 Books on Amazon cover only 20 careers - we can do better.
    With 2/3 of adults having regret about their career choices- we have to do better.
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  • The Problem

    Kids are not given the resources to truly answer the question, "what do you want to be when you grow up?"

    Did you know at 8 what you wanted to be?

    Probably Not.

    This is one of the most important decisions that our kids have to make in their young life, however, our approach to helping kids is misguided and lacking resources.

    We ask kids to make an uninformed choice.

    We love to ask the question, but give kids very few resources to answer this question.

    Because adults think it is cute, we ask kids to give specific answers to the question, “what do you want to be,” when they are very young. They begin to commit to this choice because they don't want to disappoint us.


    They can spend years dreaming about becoming something that they are not at all suited for and miss opportunities to participate in activities that are a better fit for them.

    This has lead to a generation of unsatisfied workers.

    2/3 of Adults regret their college career choice and/or career path.

    Most adults regret their career choice because they probably didn’t understand all of their choices. We can stop our kids from becoming a statistic by providing them with the resources they need to make this big decision.

  • What is needed?

    A way to be exposed to lots of choices and then narrow those choices.

    Better classroom tools

    Today, if this topic is taught at all, it is taught as an aside and usually with focus on the same 20 careers that you can find on Amazon that fail to reflect the modern choices that kids have today.

    Exposure to lots of choices

    Reading is the easiest way to expose mid-grade kids to a large variety of options easily. On Amazon’s Top 100 Kids Career Books List - only 20 careers are covered and most of them are service jobs. There are almost no books about business, arts, product development or STEM - modern careers that are a very real options. Kids learn to look up to super heroes because of what they read and see - kids should see people who do the jobs they admire as super heroes as well.

    An easier way to narrow in on interests and activites.

    There are literally hundreds of activities that kids can take part in and only a limited amount of time to do them. Parents tend to choose the activities that are easily available or of interest to them. How can we help them choose.

  • The Dream it and do it solution

    Three Steps to Giving Your Child The Best Advantage



    Use the things your child is most interested in to determine their "career personality".



    Exposure your child to role models that might interest your child based on their personality type.



    Inspire your kid to take action now based on their personality and interests.

  • How Can Dream It and Do It help?

    Solutions for every step of the "Dream It and Do It" Process

    Step 1: Evaluation

    What is my child's "career personality"?


    The research behind this quiz is used to help adults figure out which career choices are right for them. I have created a tool based on this research to help parents figure out which of the 6 "career personalities" their child has a tendency towards. You can use the results to determine their primary "career personality". Feel free to take the quiz twice and answer with second choice answer to get their secondary personality.


    Also - checkout my appearance on "The List" where I discuss 5 activities you can do with your child to understand their career personality.

    Step 2: Exposure

    Expose them to role models that help them consider careers that fit their personality type.


    The only book that exposes kids to modern day role models across 100 different career paths. Each story is tied to a primary and secondary "career personality" and suggests activities for kids to do to keep learning.


    Here is a full list of the role models and their personality profiles.


    Want this book for your classroom - click here to visit my "teacher resources" store.


    Winner of 4 prestigious children's literature awards and the subject of local and national news programs. Click here to learn more before buying.

    Step 3: Execution

    Help kids learn from other kids who figured out their passion and took action while they were still in school.


    This book will be available for pre-purchase via Kickstarter this summer. Sign up below to join the fan club and get updates. The first few people to pre-purchase the book will have their child featured IN the book!


    Others agree - we need to give kids more resources!

    If we can't explore during elementary school, when can we?

    2/3 of adults regret their college major and career choice.

    While studies show that developing hobbies is a key factor of being a happy adult, how do kids find the hobbies that are worth committing to? I believe FIRST kids should focus on learning and trying lots of different things - we have our whole lives to commit! Listen to this clip about "why we shouldn't ask kids what they want to be when they grow up?"

    Reading and Activities Can Help Exploration

    Kids don't want to be told what to do.

    According to Junior Achievement, the old model is broken. Kids don't want a career counselor to evaluate them and push them in a direction. They want to learn from role models and activities - Dream It & Do It has both.

    5 Activities to discover your child's career personality

    On my mission to help provide parents and teachers with career resources.

    I suggest 5 activities that you can do with your child so that you can begin to understand what type of personality your child has and how that might influence their future career choice.


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