• The Next Generation's Career Counselor

    Meet Holly Sharp

    Award Winning Author. Coach. Classroom Advocate

    Helping Kids, Parents and Teachers Navigate The Question:

    "What do you want to be when you grow up?"


    The Top 100 Books on Amazon cover only 20 careers - we can do better.
    With 2/3 of adults having regret about their career choices- we have to do better.

  • Sample Interview Topics


    •3 Step Process for Developing Career Interests

    •Parents and Teachers Role in Developing Kids Career Interests

    •Practical Ways to Give Your Child an Advantage Early in Life


    •How to assess your child’s “career personality.”.

    •Why we should stop asking kids, “what do you want to be when you grow up?”

    •Advice for parents at every stage of the career choice process.

    •How to expose kids to a wide range of career options.

    •How to find the right role models and activities for your child based on their interests.

    •How can parents increase the chances of their child being a happy adult?

  • Award Winning Author

    Dream It and Do It

    100 modern day career role models

    This books helps kids take the first step - exposure- in the career exploration journey. This book contains 100 short stories featuring modern day role models and the 100 different career paths they each took.


    Holly also provides resources to help with all stepof the career exploration journey:

    - Step 1 Exploration: Teacher resources

    - Step 2: Evaluation: Career Personality Tests for Kids

    - Step 2: Evaluation: Career Coaching for Kids

    - Step 3: Execution: Currently launching a crowdfunding campaign for her next book, "50 Kids Who Did Not Wait To Take Action."



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    How to manage the "do it" part!

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    Following your passion

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