• Your Child Has A Pioneer Personality

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  • What is a "Pioneer Career Personality"?

    Your child values leading others and getting them to see things their way. Pioneers are are energetic, ambitious, adventurous, sociable and self-confident. Be patient with what seems like bossy as they learn the boundaries of this confidence.


    How can I use this information to help my child?



    It is great that you took the time to take this quiz.

    Now, get your child involved in understanding their own personality.

    Maybe even retake it with them to see if you get the same result. Have a conversation about how different personalities tend to be attracted to different types of jobs.



    Exposure - Help them find jobs and role models that they can relate to.


    I wrote the book “Dream It and Do It - 100 Career Role Models for Kids” in order to help kids do this. Each story is a modern, real-world role model who breathes life into the career they are teaching.


    In this book I outline which personality types each career path is well suited for. Each career has both a primary and a secondary personality type, so your child is guaranteed to find dozens of role models they can look up to that are just like them. For example, a pioneer personality should learn about CEOs, entrepreneurs, lawyers, politicians, sales and advertising- just to name a few. Learn more about "Dream It and Do It - Career Role Models" here.



    Help your child find activities that build on their personalty type. For your little pioneer I recommend activities that involve leadership. For example: Junior Achievement, help them start their own small business, debate club or sports team captains.


    Download 5 Example Stories for Your Little Pioneer