• Award Winning Bulletin Board Idea

    Making Back To School Bulletin Boards Easy and USEFUL for teachers.

    Bulletin Board Idea For Math, Social Studies, Art, Government and Business. The picture shows role models that kids can add to the board with their names.


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    STEP 1: Blank Back To School Bulletin Board

    10 minutes to set up

    Create the blank bulletin board that kids will help you fill in all year long.


    Each space represents a subject that is frequently taught in the classroom.

    STEP 2: Read Stories With Your Curriculum

    100 Stories (1 page each) that cover why we need:

    - Math

    - Science
    - Social Studies and Government
    - Arts
    - Business
    There is a story to help explain every subject you cover in the classroom. Start the day or the lesson with a story and inspire kids to see the value in what is being taught and maybe even a possible career path.




    Sign up for my FREE Bulletin board kit and also get 5 free stories, one from each section.

    STEP 3: Hand out "Trading Cards"

    Kids Help Fill In the Bulletin Board

    In my FREE Bulletin Board Kit, you get 100 Free "Career Role Model Trading Cards". Kids will listen to stories and post their favorite role models on the bulletin board (with a space for their names).



    A Career Day Parents will Remember

    After 8 months of building out your bulletin board, you will be more than ready for career day in April. Kids can look at the role models they posted and begin to learn more about the TYPES of jobs that would be a good fit for them and what subjects are important for them to do the jobs they are drawn to.

    Research shows that we are more likely to be happy in our jobs if we choose a path that matches our "career personality". With 2/3's of adults claiming to be dissatisfied with their career choice, we can help the generation do better. Use your career day to help make this happen.




    Personality Types

    You may have heard me discuss this on the news or in a podcast. Beyond helping kids find value in the subjects they are learning in school - you can also help kids in your classroom learn their career personality.


    Download this FREE 15 question quiz off my Teachers Pay Teachers website. This quiz is classroom ready and fun to take. Let your kids take this quiz to learn what their career personality is. Each story can be tied to a personality type, giving kids one more tool to start narrowing in on what the future might hold.

  • Free Bulletin Board Kit

    Award Winning System Designed to Teach Kids the Value of What We Learn and How that Translates into Career Personalities and Paths.


    Bringing Career Education Into the Classroom

    Career Personalities and Why We Should Teach them.

    Instead of asking, "what do you want to be when you grow up?" we should be asking "who do you want to be?" Kids no longer will have one "job" they will likely have a career "path". Help them find this path in the classroom with "career personalities". Learn more about career personalities in this interview on "Classroom Matters".

    If we can't explore during elementary school, when can we?

    2/3 of adults regret their college major and career choice.

    While studies show that developing hobbies is a key factor of being a happy adult, how do kids find the hobbies that are worth committing to? I believe FIRST kids should focus on learning and trying lots of different things - we have our whole lives to commit! Listen to this clip about "why we shouldn't ask kids what they want to be when they grow up?"

    Reading and Activities Can Help Exploration

    Kids don't want to be told what to do.

    According to Junior Achievement, the old model is broken. Kids don't want a career counselor to evaluate them and push them in a direction. They want to learn from role models and activities - Dream It & Do It has both.

    5 Activities to discover your child's career personality

    On my mission to help provide parents and teachers with career resources.

    I suggest 5 activities that you can do with your child so that you can begin to understand what type of personality your child has and how that might influence their future career choice.

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