• Dream It and Do It
    3 Step Career Curriculum

    Winner of 4 Awards and Featured on News Publications Nationally. 

    Step 1:



    Use this interactive quiz in your classroom to determine each child's career personality.



    This is the first lesson in this series and includes:

    1. 15 Question Quiz meant to determine each child's career personality. This quiz contains illustrations and is based on what toys and activities each child is currently most interested in. The quiz is based on research used by most career placement firms (John Holland Career Codes).

    2. Quiz Tally Sheet

    3. Explanation of the 6 "career personality" types

    Step 2:



    Pulled from the award winning book, "Dream It and Do It", careers are taught through 1.5 page stories. Each story has its own illustration and is about 5 minutes of reading.


    The Lessons are broken down into 8 modules: writing, design, performing, service (1 & 2), business, product development and discovery. Each lesson comes with questions for personal reflection, reading comprehension, a research activity and hands-on activity related to the career path.


    Use the classroom poster kit to put each story onto a grid that shows primary and secondary career personalities and where each story falls. Kids feel more connected to the stories when they know that these people have similar personalities to their own.


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    Don't have time to teach all 100 stories, you can also find a condensed version that covers the top 25 stories.

    Step 3:



    Complete the program by updating parents with this easy to use letter form. Parents are passionate about what their child is interested in and what they can be doing to foster this interest.


    There is no better way to show parents how much you care about their child's future than to bring them along on their child's journey to answer "what they want to be when they grow up."